Caregiving takes place locally and our guide takes the local approach.

Over 90% of caregivers are actively seeking the resources and services they need. 

The Caregiver Guide will help educate and assist local caregivers with useful tools and information.

Most Central Pennsylvania caregivers are the financial decision-makers for two incomes: their’s and their loved one’s. They purchase goods and services and influence decisions regarding everything from personal care to medical care.

 • Our caregivers are the more than 50 million people providing care for the chronically ill, disabled or aged family member, friend or neighbor. 

• Two-thirds have jobs in addition to caring for another person. 

• Most are middle-aged: 35-64 years old.

• 30% caring for seniors are themselves 65 and over.

• About 75% of caregivers are women.

The Caregiver guide will be available at pharmacies, hospitals, medical facilities, professional offices and other select locations throughout Dauphin and Cumberland counties.